miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008

I was tagged

1.My dear friend Yesy tagged me so I have to do it with 7 people and let you know 7 things about me .. here we go..So 1st thing first Yesenia's Link

2Share 7 little things about me:

I. Love to eat
II. I really looove to make new dishes, desserts and drinks
III. I like the ironing and do dishes
IV. I hate the mop and the broom
V. Sometimes I think I'm not over 100% for my kids
VI. Looooove chocolate
VII. I really enjoy surfing the internet for hours

3. Seven people tagged and their blogs..

b. Ive-Boricua
c. Liz
d Emmaly
e. Yamil
f. Marirose
g. Yani

4. Now I'm gonna leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they're tagged

Thanks Yesy..!!!!!!

8 comentarios:

Monica dijo...

I created a yahoo group for the SBS-15 sisters! Come join us. The link is on my blog!


Robyn dijo...

How fun!!! Can you come over and do my ironing and dishes since you like them so much???? You sound like a lot of fun!

Robyn dijo...

You're funny!! Yes, I am a SAHM and life is very busy.

P.S. I'm in your sisterhood,too. Didn't know if you knew that or not. :)

Nany dijo...

yes I know and now I'm not sure if I say Hi in your blog.. sorry 2 days of very mental failure.. I don't know if you have news from Puerto Rico but our governor was acussed by the FBI yesterday...19 charges of corruption but it seems to be a political issue... well a very bad day since he goes to the Federal Court today...But it's my birthday so i have to celebrate against of it.

samgirl dijo...

Hallo Nany!!! Wow I can't believe you like doing the dishes and ironing either :)

sorry to hear about your governor...

I hope that you have a fantastic birthday!!

(another SBS-15)

Yanitza Ramos dijo...

Hola chica,

Gracias por haberme taggeado! Ya pronto posteo algo. Espero estes bien.

Emma dijo...

Nany there is a little pressie for you on my blog!

Yanitza Ramos dijo...

Gracias por haberme taggeado! Y felicidades por los premios... muy bien merecidos!