lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

Independence Day Weekend

Ok... now it's Monday again....but you have to see it this have to pass thru Monday to enjoy the friday...don't you???... we went to stop&play and to the movies on Friday night....We enjoy Wall-E...cute movie....on saturday I was with the kids buying some Back to School stuff...$38 only in notebooks for 3. And yesterday we enjoy a day at Maunabo[the city where my hubby grows}.. is a really little place and is the first time I went there with the you have what we enjoy....First we made a stop at KrispyKreme...yes we yielded to the temptation to taste the famous doughnuts who has Puerto Rico very crazy since May when they arrived here..And in Maunabo we were surrounded by...beautiful flowers, puppies, horses, ducks, chickens, grapefruits, avocados and trees..So we enjoy our family trip...Oh Sorry I forgot to tell if you note at my pre-teen with his new hair look...So bad for me... But I pass thru that age too...and believe me I made such a LOT of crazy things with my hair....

5 comentarios:

Kelly Schelske dijo...

Looks like you had a super weekend!! Krispy Kreme doughnuts are so yummy, especailly when they are warm!!

ScrappyPam dijo...

What wonderful pictures! And I LUV Krispy Kreme!!

Candi Dierenfield dijo...

What a fun weekend!!!!
Sent your stamps off today - Priority mail - give them about 7 days from here!
Inky hugz,

Lisadwb dijo...

Wow,amazing sights!! SOunds like you all had a good time.
(I love the new hair cut!!)

Sonia dijo...

Hello, Hola Naida!!!
Bellas fotos... la naturaleza me encantan.
Tambien me gustan las donas, mmm!!!.. todavia no he podido ir para comerme aunque sea una donita ji ji!!!!
Saludos para ti y tu bella familia.
Take care.
Hugs, Sony